Why work at Party at Trav’s? 

  • Great Pay! Base pay is $10.25 with a $2 per hour bonus for every hour worked through July 4th! 
  • Flexible Hours! We’re open 24 hours a day the last two weeks, I promise we can find a schedule that meets your needs! 
  • Fireworks Bonuses! We offer a $40 fireworks bonus for each day worked July 1st through July 4th! 
  • Fun Environment! We love our staff because they love fireworks! Hangout with people who share your passion and want to light up the sky!
  • Demo Night! We have a super fun Demo Night with free pizza and soda. We also offer a fireworks bonus for attending! Have a great time and learn a bit!


  • How do you earn the bonus?
    • Show up June 28th through July 4th for all scheduled shifts! It’s really that easy!
  • Can I take off June 30th through July 4th?
    • Unfortunately these are our non-negotiable days. You must have open availability to qualify to work the season. Missing any of these days for ANY REASON will result in a loss of all bonuses and make you ineligible for future employment. 
  • Can I apply if I’m under 16?
    • Absolutely! Feel free to apply and we will consider your application based on your availability and approval of your parents. 
    • Indiana requires you to be at least 14 years of age to work at all.

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