As the purchaser of the Pro-Line Series fireworks, I agree to the following conditions:

    1. I will use this product in a safe and legal manner and only for its intended use, i.e. as a pyrotechnic display for entertainment.

    2. I will not allow another person to take possession of the purchased Pro-Line Series fireworks through gift, resale or any other means of trade. Only I will be responsible for the activation of the product.

    3. I am experienced in and understand safe handling, bracing, safe viewing distance, a variety of fusing and ignition methods, and the proper disposal of the Pro-Line Series fireworks.

    4. I acknowledge that there is inherent risk in the use of pyrotechnics, and that I am assuming that risk of my own free will. Accordingly, I take sole responsibility for the safe use of this product and waive all rights to litigation against this fireworks store’s owners, agents or subsidiaries for any accidents, injuries, damages, or fatalities that may result from the transportation, storage or use of these products.

    (Required for purchase) By checking this box, I am confirming that I have am trained and/or licensed in fireworks safety, e.g. ATF or State Shooter’s License or training course certification. Any instruction received from this establishment (available upon request) on the safe usage of the 1.4G Pro-Line Series and other 1.4G fireworks is only as an enhancement to your previous training and experience.

    (Required for purchase) By checking this box, I am confirming that I have read and understood the above conditions for the purchase of the Pro-Line Series of Fireworks and formally agree to those conditions.

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